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Our Story

Sustainable Aquaculture Systems, Inc., specializes in the construction and operation of industrial-scale, indoor recirculating fish production and hydroponic facilities. It is the Company’s intention to build and operate a number of production campuses near major population centers around the world, whereby SASI can supply sufficient quantities of high-quality fish and hydroponically grown vegetables to meet the surrounding population’s daily demand for fresh aquaculturally raised products. The Company’s goal is to become the largest and most profitable producer and marketer of high quality fish and hydroponic vegetable products in the United States and the international leader in environmentally sustainable aquaculture technologies.

​It has been well established that the ocean’s fisheries are in rapid decline, and that most means of commercial fishing inevitably cause significant ecological damage.  If current trends of overfishing and pollution continue, most of the populations of our seafood face collapse by the middle of the current century.  Immediate conservation efforts must be made by all nations to prevent the predicted total depletion of the world’s fish supplies. United Nations agencies have predicted a 60 billion pounds shortfall of edible fish in the current decade, and call for accelerated efforts to improve fish-cultivation methods to stem that shortfall.  Similarly, there are significant problems associated with conventional methods of aquaculture.  It has become clear that presently defined fisheries and aquaculture options do not present a strategy to meet the worldwide demand for fish. The search for more efficient and sustainable methods for raising marketable fish is rapidly becoming a critical priority.

 SASI’s recirculating production system offers the answer, with industrial-scale processes for the cultivation of a variety of high quality, high-valued species of fish.  The production system is vertically integrated for year round, indoor production, reliably, and consistently delivering industrial quantities of finfish and hydroponically grown vegetables. The implementation of such technically qualified recirculation aquaculture systems manifests a significant step towards the realization of the virtually limitless potential that aquaculture represents globally. 

SASI’s system is integrated with “ecologically sound” technologies for waste management and energy co-generation, further optimizing the environmental integrity of the process.  Low energy, pollution-free technology is essential as a comprehensive source of food for the 21st Century, providing a model for biosecurity and food safety. With the demand for fish rising and the supply dwindling further every day, SASI believes it is now equipped to capitalize upon this significant market demand by revitalizing and modernizing fish cultivation with the Company’s cutting edge technology.