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Executive Team

Nasin Chaban, MSCE, P.E., Chief Executive Officer, 
Chairman of the Board of Directors, and co-founder

Mr. Chaban is an engineering, real estate and business development professional. Mr. Chaban has more than 25 years of experience in business development from conception and acquisition through operations. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Chaban has headed his own companies for over 25 years, demonstrating a long track record of significant organizational, executive, managerial and administrative experience. As a principal, he has experience with the acquisition, development, financing and construction of both commercial and residential properties. Mr. Chaban holds a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer in the States New Jersey and New York, and a licensed professional planner in the State of New Jersey.

​Dr. Jurica Jug-Dujakovic, Ph.D.,
President and Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder.

Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on aquaculture facility design and operation, he and his team of aquaculture scientists are the leading force behind the SASI’s development program. Dr. Jug-Dujakovic has spent more than 25 years working in aquaculture research and development in Europe, the United States, and Africa. Before he moved to the US, he was a director of the Mariculture Business and Innovation Center of the University of Dubrovnik, where he trained young scientists and developed new cultivation technologies in a joint development program with SASI. In the United States, Dr. Jug-Dujakovic operated a research and development facility, where he integrated a suite of vertical technologies designed to operate an industrial-scale fish-cultivation venture. Previously, he managed several aquaculture operations and served the United Nations as consultant for Fish Hatchery Development. He holds the Aquaculture technology Chair at the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia, where he teaches several courses: Aquaculture technology, Construction of aquaculture facilities, New technologies in aquaculture and Entrepreneurship in Aquaculture. His research is broad and leading-edge, and his more than 80 published scientific papers include research on designing high-efficiency aquaculture systems, introducing new species to aquaculture production, implementing genetic selection programs, establishing individualized species breeding parameters, developing computer management and monitoring designs, crafting nursery efficiencies, identifying waste management and filtration solutions, and promoting and upgrading commercial fish production. Dr. Jug-Dujakovic, who holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, is also a regional World Bank expert in investment in innovations and European Union Senior fish farming expert. 

Steven D. Van Gorder, M.S. in Biological Sciences,
Director of Research and Development.

Mr. Van Gorder designed and developed recirculating systems and processes and has acquired a process patent for commercialization of recirculating aquaculture technologies. Together with Dr. Jug-Dujakovic, he is the inventor and creator of SASI’s fish production and waste management technologies. He is a founder and president of a nonprofit organization, “Alternative Aquaculture Association”. For the past twenty years he has been involved in continuing research and the implementation of recirculating aquaculture strategies of fish culture and waste management. Mr. Van Gorder wrote and published several books on aquaculture and was publisher and editor of educational aquaculture curricula. He also contributed to various scientific publications on closed-system aquaculture.

Peter H. Jones, BA in Business Management,
Director of Operations

Mr. Jones has over 20 years of experience in corporate operations and management. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of human resources, development of profit and loss analysis, personnel training and management, as well as detailed scheduling and time studies implementation. Mr. Jones was owner and operator of Golden Corral Steakhouse franchise which was always on the ten top profitable stores. He was Vice-president and Director of Operations for Integrated Food Technologies, an aquaculture technology and production company that specialized in fish production, harvesting, processing, and packaging. During his tenure, he was instrumental in the introduction of twelve different fresh, frozen, whole in the round, fillet, smoked, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) fish products for the Blue Mountain Brand. 

Thomas M. Crowley, member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Crowley is Founder and CEO of TM Crowley & Associates, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Established in the real estate development sector as a visionary, he is known for his ability to accomplish challenging land assemblages and complicated rezoning projects. He has overseen the creation of over $1-Billion in real estate assets. Recently, through Mr. Crowley’s leadership, his team obtained approval from the City of Carmel, Indiana for a $100-million dollar project, The Bridges, which features a mix of retail, office and apartments. Mr. Crowley’s development philosophy focuses as much on people as it does on brick and mortar. 

Christopher Bingaman, Director of Project Development
and member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Bingaman has worked for Whittenberg Construction for the past seven years as the Business Development Manager. Whittenberg Construction has been a leading General Contractor and Construction Manager in the Louisville market for nearly 90 years. He also belongs to several trade organizations including Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers, Kentucky Hospital Association and the Indiana Rural Health Association. Mr. Bingaman continues to use his top-level networking/recruiting skills as well as fund-raising and non-profit experience to grow organizations in which he is committed. Mr. Bingaman is a graduate of Western Kentucky University.