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Recirculation Technology

The various SASI fish production processes include a unique combination of interrelated technologies, specialized equipment, fish culture management strategies, and intellectual property. The culture water recirculation technologies continuously reuse a minimum of 90% of the water daily. The recycled water is cleaned and filtered every 45 minutes, maintaining optimal water quality conditions throughout the entire rearing period. The system provides a nurturing and stress-free environment, which enhances the health and growth of the cultured fish. 

The Recirculating Aquaculture System processes continuously generate both solid and liquid organic wastes. The liquid wastes include dissolved nitrates and other organic wastes within the culture water. The solid wastes, consisting mainly of fish feces, are removed and concentrated by microscreen filters at each fish tank system. This concentrated waste stream, amounting to just 5-10% of the system’s volume daily, is then discharged to the proprietary SASI Waste Treatment System. This unique and sustainable approach integrates the aquaculture waste management priorities with all phases of fish cultivation and the hydroponic production of vegetables.  For optimal efficiency, SASI further utilizes all by-products from the processing of fish, and the conversion of fish waste into energy.

​SASI’s custom designed Computerized Telemetry System provides for the continuous monitoring of all critical water quality and management parameters during the intensive culture of fish and hydroponic vegetable production.  Actuated systems provide automated control of all relevant water quality and mechanical parameters during the production cycles. This precise monitoring of the composition and quality of the culture water ensures the maintenance of optimal environmental conditions for the growth of various fish species and hydroponic vegetables.

​The SASI production process has been designed for the predictable and consistent production of a variety of premium aquaponic  products . The vertical integration of all phases of fish production, from the fertilized egg to market size, is one of the prime advantages of SASI’s production process. The on-site, multi-species Hatchery provides for year-round availability of genetically superior and disease free stocks of a variety of fish species. These state-of-the-art hatchery technologies include “off-season spawning”, which uses computer-controlled environmental conditions to simulate seasonal changes, which induce the brood fish to spawn. This “off-season spawning” is coupled with the use of specialized larval and fry culture systems.   The fish fry are carefully graded and selected for subsequent introduction into the SASI Nursery Systems.  Intensive production here results in the continuous availability of the highest quality fingerlings for stocking into the Grow-Out Systems, where the final stages of fish production are realized.